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Owben's Bespoke Solutions for Zentia's Ceiling Manufacturing Line Enhancement

Owben was commissioned by Zentia, the leading manufacturer of complete ceiling solutions in the UK, to upgrade a section of the shop floor within their 24/7 production facility. The project involved a comprehensive overhaul of Zentia's production line to enhance efficiency and accommodate new equipment. The primary area of focus was the P&I line, a critical segment of Zentia's production facility in Gateshead.


Scope of Work

The project encompassed several critical tasks:


Design and Manufacture of Heavy-Duty Conveyor Sections

Owben was tasked with designing and fabricating three 5000mm long gravity heavy-duty conveyor sections. The challenge was to seamlessly integrate these sections into the existing stainless steel line, ensuring optimal performance and durability.


Removal and Replacement of Wire Rope Conveyor Units

The existing drive end unit and tail end tension unit of the wire rope conveyor were replaced to improve reliability and efficiency. Owben undertook the removal and installation process with precision as the main focus. 


Manufacturing of Short Wire Rope Guide Conveyor

A short wire rope guide conveyor, replicating the original unit, was manufactured from stainless steel. This bespoke solution aimed to maintain the integrity of the existing system while addressing specific operational requirements.


Installation of Drive and Exit Units

New drive and exit units were installed in strategic locations to optimise the flow of materials along the production line. This required careful planning and execution to ensure seamless integration.


Installation of New Conveyor Sections

Three newly fabricated conveyor sections were integrated into the line to accommodate Zentia's evolving manufacturing needs. Owben's expertise ensured the smooth installation process.


Laser Alignment and Floor Fixation

Precision was paramount in this project as Owben utilised laser alignment techniques to ensure all units were accurately positioned, and each component was securely fixed to the floor to prevent any operational disruptions.



The newly installed conveyor sections and upgraded units enhanced the overall efficiency of the ceiling manufacturing line. The reconfigured layout, aligned with the installation of a curtain coater, demonstrated Owben's commitment to delivering bespoke solutions that align with the evolving needs of its clients. This successful collaboration between two prominent north east businesses, showcases Owben's capability to provide comprehensive and fully customised engineering solutions in electrical and mechanical fabrication.


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