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Meet Aaron Fletcher, one of our Electrical Apprentices

With 37% of our workforce being apprentices, we chat to Aaron Fletcher, Electrical Apprentice, as he begins his third and final year, gaining valued insights into his experiences and growth within the company.

Why did you choose an engineering apprenticeship?


I went for an Electrical Engineering apprenticeship because my Grandad worked at Northern Powergrid and I found his stories really interesting. The electrical field is quite fast moving, and always evolving so I want to be part of that and learn the ropes in a practical way. It also fits with my goal of working in the automotive industry. So, it's a mix of family influence, practical interest and thinking about the future.


What has been a special moment or project during your apprenticeship that helped you grow professionally?


A special moment in my apprenticeship would be working at a large American firm’s site here in the north east. This experience let me use my classroom learning in real-world situations, giving me a firsthand look at how projects work in an industrial setting. I faced various situations that challenged and improved my skills, from helping to manage project schedules to working with the client’s engineers too.


What do you enjoy most about working at Owben?


I enjoy working at Owben because the work we do every day is different, working with so many different manufacturers. Each project brings new challenges, helping me develop my skills and grow my capabilities as I progress in my apprenticeship. As a key player in the North East automotive industry, it’s really exciting to think of the future opportunities here.


What advice do you have for people thinking about an engineering apprenticeship?


For those seeking an Electrical Engineering apprenticeship, don't hesitate to ask questions and reach out to companies for advice. Don't be afraid of not knowing everything at first, as everyone is more than willing to help and teach you along the way.


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