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Why 2024 Plant Infrastructure Upgrades are Vital for the North East’s Automotive Industry

By Richard Walsh, Co-Founder and electrical Director

The North East stands as a testament to the UK’s rich automotive history. Renowned for its innovation and manufacturing capabilities, our region continues to play a pivotal role in the evolution of this fast moving industry. However, as the landscape of transportation undergoes a revolutionary shift towards electric vehicles, the significance of plant infrastructure upgrades becomes increasingly paramount.


Nissan's Enduring Impact

Last month, Nissan announced two more new electric vehicles will be produced in the UK, which will enable up to £3bn investment in three models, battery production and infrastructure. This underscores the transformative journey towards electrification and sustainability, with vast opportunities for its supply chain.


Rise of Gigafactories

With Nissan’s EV commitment, the region will require a third gigafactory to support the UK's biggest car plant. With AESC’s first already established and the second currently being built, these state-of-the-art facilities not only bolster the local economy but also serve as vital hubs for production. Their presence marks a strategic move towards fostering technological advancement within the region’s automotive landscape.


Importance of Infrastructure Upgrades

Linking the rise of gigafactories and Nissan's commitment to electric vehicles is the crucial need for plant infrastructure upgrades, not only for OEMs but their supply chain too. From new mechanical installations to production line modifications, enhanced electrical installations to fabrication works,

these upgrades are not merely investments but essential pillars that support the production, distribution, and sustainability of the region’s automotive industry’s new direction.



The confluence of gigafactories, Nissan's electric vehicle initiatives, and the critical importance of infrastructure upgrades exemplifies the region’s pivotal role in shaping the UK's automotive future. Continued investments in plant infrastructure will serve as the cornerstone for advancing the automotive landscape towards a more sustainable and prosperous tomorrow.

*Image credit: AutoTrader


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