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Bartec Auto Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Owben has designed a number of tyre pressure monitoring systems for Bartec Auto, each of which are unique to the country and market it was created for.

Each country has different regulations which the system must adhere to, and the standard system has had to be modified to meet each country’s specific requirements.


Owben had to undertake specific designs to ensure that the system would work effectively in each specific country. The system needed to be able to allow the panel to integrate with the current line in the factory and any safety aspects.

Furthermore, with the panels being shipped around the world, Owben were required to ensure its panels would adhere to different standards and wiring and plugs were of the correct specification.


The technology required to build the system was on the market, but Owben was required to understand the specification of each panel and successfully construct the product with the bespoke combination of selected components, making sure they were correctly rated.

Owben needed to adhere to the local wiring standards and the standards set by specific companies who set their own, which required a significant amount of research.


Owben undertook the following work:
  • The system’s final location was researched to understand local wiring standards.

  • The system design was then undertaken to ensure all the requirements are met.

  • The system was then built and tested with the Bartec engineers.

  • The system was then shipped to the factory where we install it for the customer.

Systems that were installed internationally:
  • Amring Sweden – one-off standard panel with standard system design.

  • MC Syncro Nitra Slovakia – one-off standard panel with standard system design.

  • Nissan Russia – one-off non-standard design, three-off IO systems incorporated instead of the standard one-off system, and an extra spare socket in the upper panel.

  • Schedl BMW Regensburg – one-off non-standard design with three IO units, three PIU units and three PC systems. All PC systems utilised through one-off keyboard, mouse and monitor by use of a KVM switch.

  • All systems installed to one panel which is non-standard and requires a further degree of design for layout and components.

  • Schenck Mexico – one-off standard panel with system in US wiring code.

  • Schenck VW – one-off standard panel with system in US wiring code.

If you’re interested in working with Owben, please contact us to discuss your project.


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